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What's Included In Spirit Mysteries?

Live Workshops

Spirit Mysteries includes a library of private workshops that you can access at any time to assist you in diving into the depths of esoteric mysticism and connect with life on a level like never before.

Spirit Family

Spirit Family is your connection to the rest of the Spirit Mysteries Community. Through this private community center, you can discuss, share, and explore your mystical life in a safe and sacred space. 

Personal App

Spirit Mysteries is accessible on a special app you can use at any time, making it easy and fun to navigate the community and the workshops, whenever and wherever you are. 

Courses & Workshops

Spirit Mysteries exists to give you all of the tools and resources you need to step into a higher vibration and live life to the fullest. Within the School, there is a wide variety of classes and materials for you to explore, from Hermeticism to Plant Medicine to the Mystic Arts!

Spirit Family Gatherings & Community

Several times per month, members of Spirit Mysteries (over 250 now) gather together for ceremony, initiation, manifestation, support, learning, and of course fun, love and connection!

Guided Meditations

Spirit Mysteries offers a number of special Guided Meditations, including the 12D Shield Auric Cleansing and Activation. A meditation like none you've ever experienced before!

What Does Each Program Entail? 

The Seven Day Transformation

The Seven-Day Transformation is a seven-day program to begin your journey into Spirit Mysteries. Herein you will receive a complete "download" of spiritual information and instruction on life transformation and begins your initiation into Spirit Mysteries. Thousands of spiritual seekers have taken this course, and the results are incredible.

The Evolution of Humanity

This complete workshop takes you back into the ancient past to explore the remnants of an ancient civilization, how society changed and evolved over the generations, and what it means for us. 

Tarot Life Mastery

Tarot Life Mastery is a complete 14-hour workshop designed to introduce you to the essential structure of the Tarot and provide you with instructions on how you can practically use this powerful tool to understand life and evolve across the board. 

The Library of Transformational Materials

This digital library comes as a bonus with every enrollment in Spirit Mysteries, and is a collection of our favorite sources of spiritual wisdom and information from across the internet, collected and made readily accessible for you!

Patch Tarot Masters

Patch Tarot Masters is the ultimate workshop in Patch Tarot (and maybe even Tarot in general!). Explore the esoteric mysteries to remarkable depth, and learn the nature of mystic alchemy and how the whole universe comes together within you.

Spirit Science Commentaries

In this series, the creator of Spirit Science sits down to watch his old videos, and provide some commentaries on the videos, some behind the scenes, and additional thoughts on the material.

Spirit Medicine Walkers 

Spirit Medicine Walkers is a series exploring Plant Medicine, and how to steer the medicine so that you can guarantee you will emerge on the other side with an elevated state of consciousness than ever before.

Emerald Ascendency

One of the most influential, profound, and transformative ancient texts - The Emerald Tablets - has now been updated for our New Age. These treasures were hidden from humanity for centuries, translated in the early 19th century, and are now accessible in our modern language.

Guided Meditations

The 12D Shield is a compelling guided meditation designed to clear your energetic field of psychic attacks, energy vampires, and other auric manipulations. It will also fortify you with a robust protective area so that it is easy for you to grow and shine like the light that you are.

Guided Success Meditation

A guided meditation to attract success, change your mindset, and improve life quality

Guided Abundance Meditation

Open your eyes to abundance everywhere in your life. Remove your limiting beliefs.

Bonus #3: 
Spiritual Money Commentaries

Bonus #4: 
Library Of Transformational Materials 

"Spirit Mysteries is an investment worth making - not only is the content high quality but the community is active, vibrant, supportive, and accepting. You will find yourself among kindred spirits here! Take a leap of faith and meet the Spirit family.

What you learn in the courses is put into practice through interactions with fellow members - with each bringing their own perspective to the conversation one's knowledge is broadened and enriched. This is not a place of passive learning - be ready to commit time to active learning and practice to make the most of all that comes with membership to Spirit Mysteries.

To all my spirit siblings, I hope you join me and others on this journey through Spirit Mysteries. "
- Jules P. -

Are you ready to take the leap?

Not Sure This Is Right For You?

If you participate in the courses, fully engage in the community gatherings, and receive no value, gain no insights, and learn absolutely nothing, within 30 days, your money will be fully refunded!

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